Oracle PDBaaS on ExaCC

You will need:
  • ExaCC  (also works for ExaCS and any other platform)
  • Enterprise Manager 13c
Step 1 -  Create container database(s) on ExaCC via the cloud software.  For example,  create a container to be used for the "gold" service.

Step 2 - In Enterprise Manager setup PDBaaS.
Note: These are the main steps to do however there is a lot of detail that needs to be done which is documented.

Step 3 - Using the Database Cloud Self Service Portal within EM provision a PDB.
  • Select "create instance" and then your service template "12102 Database"
  •  Enter your PDB name, size, tablespace, zone, ...
  •  After a few minutes your database (PDB) is ready
  • Click on your new PDB to see the details including the connection string
  •  Done.   PDB ready to use.