Friday, December 27, 2013

Conservative vs Liberal Faith


  1. Seriously!? This is by far the most biased comparison by both ideologies. The information is also heavily inaccurate and only appeals to a specific religion. You make conservatives sound like they want to impose their religion on others and liberals sound like people of loose morals. None are like that! Next time, just list the facts.

  2. who wrote this article? what a dumbass.

  3. Bless your heart. Please swap the label headers bcuz some poor misguided soul has them confused. Deuteronomy 8 will help. Jesus wasn't racist, money hungry, unwilling to help the poor, refused to feed the hungry, entertained hypocrisy, stole from the poor to enrich the wealthy, mistreated women, turned his back on caged children nor bloodied his hands to cheat and maintain control over others. He threw the thieves out of the temple, he didn't sit and sup with them while they defiled it. Nothing about a conservative is remotely indicative of Christ or the sermon he preached. As bad as liberals may appear to the self-righteous sect, at least there are moderates & liberals attempting to feed, clothe, insure, house, employ, educate and TRYING to be judicious regarding POC. OPERATIVE WORD: TRYING They tend to train up a child in the way they should go and help a family to survive while teaching them to fish. Sadly,
    the party of family values and a God I don't see anywhere in the Bible aka conservatives choose to cut them off, denigrate women, give tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations, allow people to die from pre-existing conditions, bully, incite racism, say pedophiles/abusers/rapists are still ok if they're CONSERVATIVES. Discernment is key to God's precepts not man's attempt to whitewash them and bend them to their iniquities. Shame.